who we are

DESIGNKAMI (PT. Karya Muda Indonesia) is the paper container for young creative people to create and provide the best solution for your brand.

Founded in 1st August, 2007 with the spirit of independent, thinking out of the box to the success of our partners to build brands and  increase sales.

We are specialized & talented in:

| BRAND ACTIVATION (Industrial Expo & Exhibition, Event Marketing, etc).
| MARKETING PROMOTION (Graphic Designs for POS, Merchandizing, etc).
| ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN (Office Design, Retail Outlet, Business Showroom, Home, etc).


Our Partners:

ida parwati Ida Parwati | executive senior consultant

Formerly as a Head of News Department in RCTI Television, her ability and courage drive the whole team of DESIGNKAMI into passion to deliver the best services. “Perfection is NOT only on TV glass, it’s should be on your heart, guys… Our aim to help clients reach their GOALS!” this late-night conversation wake-Us-up into deadline.
Graduated from Diponegoro University ‘86, she became the one famous TV presenter. Her energy like a Dynamo!!


budi susanto Budi Susanto | founder & executive principal

Founder of DESIGNKAMI, formerly as a Creative Group Head in some major creative advertising agencies. His boxer never-give-up type knock us out!. “Elvis Presley still alive!! He lived in our blood… let’s rock, guys!!” His anthem lead Us march… yes, we march!!
Graduated from Udayana University ‘92, he became the architect & the master of backstage people. His project of Daimler Chrysler Indonesia Exhibition 2003 awarded as The Best Experiential Marketing from MarkPlus Institute Hermawan Kartajaya. Don’t forget to wear helmet if you meet him!!


joeJohannas Backir  |  executive partner

Formerly as an Art Director of RCTI, graduated from TRISAKTI UNIVERSITY Landscape architecture & Environmental Technology (1990).  He is an art & entertainment seekers,  “My work is not for my art-venturous to fulfill my desire only, but for the glory of Indonesia”. His masterpieces work were in the society as well as broadcast; off air concept in art directing of Indonesian Idol, Miss Indonesia, Panasonic Award, AMI Award, IMA Award, Megaliticum Quantum (RCTI Anniversary), Album Launching concept of Indonesia’s top artist and also concept of Photography, Fine Art & Culture Exhibition.


Designkami Creative People:

who we are








Please do contact us, and find them as your partners in creative event solution.